Organizing Creative Homes & Offices in Greater Los Angeles • • 323 405 7036 Let’s say… 
You’ve decided you have too much stuff; or your stuff is in the wrong place; or there’s no space for the new stuff you need; or there’s no place to do the things you want and need to do.
Sound familiar? Let us help.
Material Therapy assures that your stuff and your space align with your life, values, and goals.

As professional organizers and
clutter-clearers, we work to optimize your experience in your own space.

We’ll help you discover organizing systems that work for you, creating individualized order with your intentions in mind.

From finishing special organizing projects to tackling chronic disorganization, our work with you will create considerate, sustainable spaces and habits that allow the important things to thrive.

You want to live, work, relax and play in
a space that’s efficient, generative and vital. Let’s get started.

Organizing solutions that sustain what matters most

We’ve helped our clients move, down-size, up-size, prep for yard sales, manage inheritances, and even plan their weddings (among many other projects). See our list of services. Whatever your organizing project, we’re here to help.

Our technique is more whittling and like-with-like than slash-and-burn; as artists, we understand your need to keep interesting things for creative use and inspiration, so we won't attempt to make a clinic of your home, office, or studio. We aim to give you a useful “workshop,” not a mere showroom... unless you have a showroom you’d like us to organize.

The lifecycle of objects
We aim for green solutions wherever possible, working primarily with 
what you already own and taking into account the lifecycle of the many objects we all use in our daily lives. Charitable donations, sales, and recycling referrals + services are fully integrated into our process with you.

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